Jewelery gouache

is a precise and detailed painting that is carefully preserved in historic jewelery houses as an important part of the heritage.

Each piece of jewelry is a tiny masterpiece that has the same meaning as the piece of jewelry itself.

Our online course will introduce you to the gemstone painting technique used in jewelry design.

Take a step toward
your dream
– draw it on paper

Our course is for you if you love jewelry and are fascinated by the magic of jewelry design.

It will suit both beginners in drawing, and those who already draw, but have not studied the nuances of light, shadow and cuts.

Based on her drawing skills as well as her practical experience in the jewelry industry, Inessa has developed her multi-level program to teach the skill of jewelry sketching in gouache.
Since 2016, she has successfully taught dozens of courses in Russia, Europe and China, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. And today she is pleased to present her master class in online format.

Reveal the shape and volume, convey the light and shadow of objects;

Realistic depiction of precious stones of various cuts, conveying the color and play of light in the stone;

We will look at different approaches to jewelry illustration and learn how to work in the classic gouache technique.


To fully participate and complete course assignments, make sure you have the following materials:

  • designer gouache paints
  • pastel paper 160 – 240 gr dark colors
  • gray marker
  • brushes

All students will receive a complete and detailed list of materials, as well as a video guide after paying for the course.

  • Current version of Google Chrome
  • Fast and reliable internet connection – minimum 1 Mbps required. You can test your network here –
  • Printer or access to a print shop where you can print the provided templates on dark paper


  • Jewelry lovers who are passionate about design and start painting their dreams
  • Jewelers to learn how to visualize stones in sketches for clients
  • Aspiring Jewelry Designers
  • Already experienced jewelry designers to improve their illustration skills
  • Illustrators to better understand cuts
  • Just anyone who loves to draw


We are proud of each of our students!
Thank you for choosing our course!